Quick Note on SEO.

Just a quick note to help improve your websites ranking in the search engines,

below I've jotted down 5 basic seo tips that are often overlooked by many website

owners. Check your website and make sure you doing these few simple steps for best results

within the serps (search engine results pages).

1) Ensure your website page titles state what you do or what you provide, it should

contain the first few words a customer would type into a search engine (keywords)

when looking for your product or service. Also create a unique title for every page in your

website. Good Page Title "Healthy Treats For Kids" Bad Page Title "Sweet Shop"

2) Your web page meta descriptions should be a short snippet of what your website

or page is about, it's best used as a call to action (encourage people to click your link)

combined with your relevant keywords, try to keep it no more than two lines long. Good Description "Healthy Snacks and Treats. For Kids of All Ages. Try these ideas, or

use them as a starting point for your kids to invent their own healthy food..." Bad Description "We wouldn't let our kids eat sugar straight from the sugar bowl. But

we tend not to think about the sugar ... Healthy snacks for kids - fact or fiction ..."

3) At the top most part of your websites body you should have a heading and in most

cases it should be very similar to your page title. It's best formatted within the html using

the correct heading tag <H1>Heading Here</H1> , you can also use h2, h3, h4 and so

on to show sub headings on your page.

4) Often overlooked is the web page filename, instead of saving your page a frontpage.html or page2.html try using a keyword phrase in the file name such as treats-for-kids.html separate each word with a hyphen - Note don't rename your index.html, index.htm , index.php or any other file called index as a filename.

5) Add a alt text description to each of your websites main images (not the formatting / navigation or header images) just a few words for each image helps the search engines understand what the image is, you can also save the images using keywords in the same way as the page filenames. So instead of image1.gif you could have healthy-choco-treat.gif, you just need to rename the file and link back to them from the webpage.

Okay, that's me done for today. I know it's basic and you probably have most of these

items covered but I'm sure it will help some people.

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