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Start Selling iOS and Android Apps Directly:

We welcome all iOS and Android app developers to list their apps in the Owners Direct Community, Now you can sell your creations without any commission fees or over priced percentages. As Developers of our future technology, we respect your efforts beyond the board. If you want to sell your App, you should have the ability to do so without intermediates making the sale complicated. List your App in the Owners Direct Community. Share your views and allow buyers to contact you directly as some online platforms consume 30% of the value of your app and require a monthly fee to list.

Start Selling Websites:

Begin your journey of selling your websites and online businesses to direct clients. Advertising platforms can ask a large sum to just even consider listing your website and ask a million and one questions which you would need to answer again and again instead of stating your reasons directly with a buyer. Owners Direct is revolutionizing the way we buy and sell by putting all members in the driving seats of their respected websites from the first contact to the first sale, enjoy selling direct as no-one knows your website the way you do.

Finish Selling or Buying a Home Direct:

Yes, you read that correctly, there are so many places ion the internet to advertise your home for sale or to ask for a property directly from the landlord, yet some times months go past and yet, either your house is not sold, or agents have played so many games with you that the house you had so much interest in to buy is no longer available as it was a false listing by the real estate agent or agency.

This is where Owners Direct would like to help you by putting you in direct contact with home owners and home buyers.

List your home with photos, video, and details to describe your residency for sale in your own words.

Go on, Simply login and start posting.

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